Get Free Disney Gift Cards with Disney Movie Insiders


Earn rewards for buying Disney movies!

Have a stack of Disney DVDs at home? You may be able to get a free gift card from Disney Movie Insiders! Disney Movie Insiders is a loyalty program from Disney that rewards you for buying Disney DVDs and movie tickets. It’s super simple to rack up the rewards, including free Disney gift cards!

Getting Started

If you already have a Disney account either through Disney+, My Disney Experience, or any of the other associated Disney online products, you’ll use the same log in for your Disney Movie Insiders account. No account? It takes just a few minutes to get registered and start earning. Visit to get going!

How to Earn Points

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There are several ways to earn points with Disney Movie Insiders! Let’s dig deeper…

Have an account with Fandango VIP, Regal Crown Club, or Atom Rewards? You can link your account to earn points.

Earn 100 points for each Standard Movie Ticket submitted or 150 points for each Select Movie Ticket. All you need to do is send an image of your tickets under the “Submit Tickets” tab and they’ll credit your account with your points.

Earn 25 points for downloading the Disney Movie Insiders app

Link your Movies Anywhere account for 25 points

Earn at least 75 points for each DVD, 150 points for each Blu-Ray, and 200 points for every 4K Ultra HD movie in your DVD collection! There’s a code inside the package that you’ll enter on the website to get your points. How easy is that?

Ordering a Premier Access movie on Disney+? Submit it the same way you would a movie ticket for 300 points. Score!

• Look for bonus codes via email (check your promotions folder!). Codes that are working right now (expiration date unknown):

DISNEYHITS2021 worth 20 points

WARRIOR worth 25 points

CRUELLA worth 10 points

DRAGON worth 25 points

KUMANDRA worth 10 points


You’ve diligently entered codes and it’s finally time to get rewarded! What are some of your choices? Disney gift cards are available in various amounts; 600 points is good for a $5 Disney gift card, 1000 points will get you a $10 gift card (a better deal); various buttons, pins, posters and other memorabilia; 500 points will get you a one month’s subscription to Disney+. Currently, the original Cinderella animated classic is available on DVD for 650 points. It’s also worth keeping in mind that rewards are subject to availability and may vary from one visit to the site to the next. So if you had your eye on a cool Funko Pop figure, it may not be there by the time you have enough points to redeem for it.

There’s also some other fun items on the site that kids love that have a “zero” points cost to redeem: activity cards, digital comics, printable stickers and other Disney movie themed activities are available for free! There are also a few coupon type offers, like 20% off Sanzo Sparkling Water that seem sort of random, but are a free bonus if you that could save you a little extra money.

Rewards can take a while to accrue, but if it’s something you’re already buying, why not get an extra bonus out of it?

Are you going to start using Disney Movie Insiders for rewards? Let me know if you think it’s worth it to you!


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