Five Apps That Pay For Short Tasks and Mystery Shopping


Easy Side Hustles That Require Minimal Effort

These side hustles are an easy way to add a little money to your savings or to pay for gas and a run to Starbucks. If you try some or all of these apps, they could really add up to some extra funds fast! While they won’t make you rich any time soon, they aren’t a bad way to help pad your bank account.

Field Agent

Get paid to complete store audits and other quick tasks in your area with the Field Agent app. As with other apps on this list, larger cities and urban areas have a higher likelihood of regular jobs available, but it doesn’t hurt to check here on a regular basis anyway. Jobs can still pop up from time to time, and since the work is relatively easy, it’s definitely worth checking out. Most of the time, you’ll be checking store displays, prices, coupon availability, and taking photos of shelving, etc. These tasks need to be done fairly discreetly but this is easy to accomplish with your smartphone. Jobs and their respective pay vary from $2 to $12 per task after completing all required forms, uploading photos, and any other necessary steps. You’ll be paid via PayPal and there’s no minimum threshold to cash out.


GigWalk is another option that works almost exactly like the Field Agent app. You’ll download the app from Google Play or the App Store and create your account. Next, you’ll see a map with the available gigs in your area. From here, you can choose any gig you are interested in and enter how long it will take you to complete the task. There are short, simple tasks that start at $3 with longer jobs paying up to $30. Some of these tasks will involve taking photos and documenting displays while others have you interacting with staff to document service. One particular gig involved going to a local restaurant to see if the wait staff offered and promoted a certain brand of beverage. I was compensated for the meal as well as paid for completed the gig as described. Not too bad but not too many gigs available in my rural area. If you live in a larger area, I can see this being a fun and easy side hustle!


EasyShift’s tasks are also very similar to Field Agent and Gigwalk with one slight difference: there are levels that you’ll need to work your way up through to get higher paying tasks and more options. The more work you complete that meets their quality standards, the more tasks you’ll be offered at a higher payout rate. After accepting tasks, you’ll typically have a day or less to complete and turn in your submission. Pay for tasks ranges anywhere from $4 to $20 with most tasks I’ve seen paying around $7 each. Once your submitted task is approved and accepted, payment will be sent to you via PayPal two days later.


I always assumed that iPoll was a paid survey company similar to what you would find on Swagbucks (which they are), but they also offer “interactive mini missions” that involve taking pictures and answering short questions. Tasks take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete along with survey questions. Pay is somewhat lower with iPoll with tasks ranging from 50 cents to $3 each. Once you’ve hit $25 in earnings, you can cash out to PayPal or get an Amazon or iTunes gift card. It can take up to four weeks for iPoll to send you your earnings, so keep this in mind if you decide to give them a try.


Ok, so this one isn’t technically just an app since you sign up through TrendSource’s website, but there is a super convenient app that you can use to upload your assignments. I felt like I had to include TrendSource for several reasons: the assignments are actually fun, the company is so easy to work with, and compensation is decent for the amount of work actually required. After signing up on their website, you’re ready to start selecting your assignments. Most of the ones you’ll be offered in the beginning will be grocery and drug store mystery shops and audits. Sometimes you’ll be required to upload photos but there’s always a form with several questions that you’ll need to complete. Questions on the form typically involve store appearance and store associate helpfulness or may be geared towards a specific product display.

Other jobs may be available after you successfully complete your first few audits or you can opt to get further certification to be eligible for more advanced inspections. This may involve further training and a background check but the pay increases considerably. Basic store audits pay varies but averages around the $7 to $10 dollar range plus reimbursement for any items you are required to purchase. More advanced inspections can range around $25 to $40 depending on the assignment. One more thing to love about TrendSource? They occasionally offer bonuses and travel stipends for assignments outside your town.

Out of these apps, Field Agent, Gigwalk, and TrendSource are my top picks. Which ones are you going to try or have tried?

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links which may result in me receiving a small commission. There is no obligation to make any purchase nor any additional cost to you for using an affiliate link. The Wandering Homebody Blog is not responsible for any technical issues or damages resulting from 3rd party links. Pay has been researched for accuracy within this post but actual compensation is not guaranteed and is ultimately between you and the hiring company. Compensation may be based upon skill, effort and other determining factors.


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