Side Hustle Review: Is legit?

Road tested, but is it the key to passive income?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s finding new and different ways to earn money from home. What could be better than that? A passive income stream that takes minimal effort and investment. I’m a firm believer that some effort needs to be put forth, at least initially, or it’s an “easy come, easy go” kind of situation. Here’s where a company called enters the picture. I came across this one during some online research during the summer of 2020. Reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website ranks it as 3.555 and has a Trustpilot score of 4.2/5. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I’ll break down my experiences with, what this company does, the claims they make, and what your real earning potential is with them. Let’s dive right in!

What is basically pays you to use your car as a billboard. They will compensate you to place a transparent sticker on the back glass of your vehicle. It even states right on their website:”Advertise on your car. Earn passive income.” Their site also states you can “earn upwards of $1200 per year in cash and gift cards.” I really liked the fact that it was just a see-through sticker in the back window of my car as opposed to wrapping an entire vehicle. Intrigued, I wanted learn more.

How do I sign up? Who is eligible?

First, you’ll want to visit’s website for enrollment. The sign up process is pretty user friendly and they do offer to have an enrollment representative reach out to you for any questions you may have. Screening questions include such things as:

•What is your zip code?

•Is your car insured and are you the policy holder?

•How many miles do you drive annually?

•What year was your car manufactured (2015 or newer, etc)?

There were several other questions, as well. I’m not sure if your answers actually make you ineligible for their program or not, though. You don’t have to drive a specified number of miles per week nor do you need to live in a suburban or urban area to qualify. This is different from other paid “car wrap” programs that I’ve seen before since they typically have strict mileage and locale requirements. Being in a rural area with a low to moderate amount of miles drive annually seemed to be fine since they accepted my application without hesitation.

Is signup free?

In a word, no. There is a monthly fee of $9.99 to join along with a one-time set up fee of $3.29. They offer extra upgrade options, as well. These upgrades include:

• “Premium” package for free replacement window decals and free shipping for life for $19.95

• Add four more stickers to your package for “5 times the pay” for the one-time fee of $49.99

• Double your revenue one-time fee for $29.99. (Seems somewhat counterintuitive to pay money to double your revenue. I guess it depends on the amount of revenue earned in the long run?)

What types of campaigns does offer?

One of my biggest concerns was with the types of advertisers that partner with Stickr. I certainly didn’t want to plaster an advertisement on my car for a company that I personally found objectionable or sold products I found inappropriate. Luckily, their range of advertising campaigns was pretty decent.

Pedigree and 1800Contacts both have campaigns on the website but neither were available since they were currently filled to their maximum limits. There were plenty of other opportunities, though, with an auto insurance company, a social media engagement company, and several social causes. Thinking it would be a good move to support a social cause, I chose the “End Trafficking” campaign since that is a cause everyone can get behind, no pun intended.

I signed up… so what happens next?

In a couple of weeks, you’ll receive your envelope. You’ll need to carefully apply your window decal according to Stickr’s instructions or otherwise risk not getting paid. They offer a video with instructions on how to trim and properly install your sticker. Next, you’ll need to send a photo verifying your decal installation. They have a VERY strict timeframe you’ll need to submit your photo or you simply won’t get paid. Make sure you upload your verification photo beginning at midnight on the first day of the month but before noon on the second day of the month.

When and how much do I get paid?

After Stickr confirms your window decal photo, you’ll receive your payment on the fifth day of the month. Stickr claims to pay “upwards of $1200 in cash and gift cards per year.” This is where a “your mileage may vary” situation comes into play. I can only attest to my own experience, but I did get my monthly fee refunded plus my cash payment. Altogether, the payment was around $15 via PayPal. After my initial investment of $9.99 with a $3.29 service fee, I netted a meager $1.72 in cash.

What about the gift cards, you ask? This took a little wrangling to get as it wasn’t automatically sent to me like the cash payment. After reaching out to Stickr’s customer service, I was received my gift card. Well, less of a gift card and more of a coupon. Somewhat misleading, since I thought it was a gift card to use, free and clear. The gift card I was emailed was a voucher for $25 off a $50 purchase. I guess that’s something but it wasn’t what I expected at all (and this is in no way a critique of, by the way). There aren’t any participating restaurants in my zip code, either. Bummer.

Still, after the cash payment plus gift card, Stickr considers this a payment of roughly $65 for the month. Not $65 of cash in hand, but more of a refund, coupon, plus a small cash payment. By this rationale, I would make roughly $780 per year if I continued the program.

The Bottom Line: Do you recommend

I honestly have a hard time recommending Stickr. Even if I had netted slightly more cash, not sure it would be worth the hassle. That, combined with the coupon/gift card situation makes it very difficult to endorse. If they had given an actual $50 gift card for Best Buy, Target, etc, it may be worth reconsidering, but their current compensation system is a hard pass for me. I did a little more research to see what other opinions were floating around online about Stickr. Remember when I mentioned that they have a Better Business Bureau rating of 3.5/5 and a Trustpilot score of 4.2/5? I think these ratings sound a tad high considering my personal experience, but maybe it’s due to not upgrading my package? I didn’t want to spend the extra funds to find out, though. Something tells me my experience is probably typical. Several positive reviews also mentioned they hadn’t been paid yet, so it isn’t an accurate reflection of the entire process. Needless to say, I cancelled my account. There are better ways to earn money and passive income.


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  1. PeeWee says:

    You are brave to find out the way you did.


    1. It was an experience, for sure!


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