New for 2020: Disney’s Christmas Tree Stroll

Have festive fun at this FREE Disney Springs activity!

It’s a flurry of fun at Disney Springs!

Disney Springs has plenty of fun entertainment, dining, and shopping year round and Christmastime is no exception! I was somewhat disappointed to hear the news that Disney had cancelled their annual Christmas Tree Trail due to the pandemic. However, they replaced it with something just as good (if not better, in my opinion): The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll! Instead of a trail of trees grouped together, they are now “sprinkled” throughout Disney Springs and you search for them scavenger hunt-style. Disney’s ultimate goal was to still offer a fun, festive activity but have it spread out for social distancing… and it’s a winner!

If you’re completing the Christmas Tree Stroll in 2020, heads up: There is no Jungle Book tree, so look for a Fantasia themed one in it’s place.

To get started, you’ll want to pick up a map at one of several locations. I snagged mine at the Co-Op by the D-Tech counter but you can also get one at the Welcome Center, Guest Relations, and House of Blues. Next up: find a tree! If you took a Disney transportation bus, it will be hard to miss the first tree on the trail as you walk right by it after you arrive. There was plenty of music and excitement around the main tree, complete with faux snow! I was especially excited for the snow since there wasn’t any on Main Street USA this year, but I digress. It was a welcome sight, nonetheless.

There are 12 trees in total spread throughout Disney Springs. Some definitely stand out more than others, but they’re pretty hard to miss if you’re in the vicinity of one. It’s pretty spread out, so you may want to bring a stroller for tired children and make accommodations such as wheelchair rentals for those with mobility challenges. You would probably consider this already if you’re going to Disney Springs for dining and shopping anyway, but I thought it was worth mentioning if you’ve never been before. It’s a large area composed of three different areas or “lands” as Disney refers to them. You come to Disney prepared for tons of walking in the theme parks but may be caught off guard by how much walking you can do at Disney Springs, too.

Who knew a lightsaber made the perfect tree topper?

Themes range from Disney attractions, such as the Haunted Mansion, to films like Star Wars and Princess and the Frog. It’s a fun way to be entertained while social distancing. Once you have found all twelve trees and marked them off on your map, turn it in at one of several redemption locations for a surprise! In addition to your surprise, you’ll also get discounts at several participating stores and restaurants.

Overall, I think the Christmas Tree Stroll is a fun way for Disney to add holiday ambiance while giving kids and adults alike a fun activity to participate in while shopping or on their way to dinner. There’s also no shortage of free live entertainment in addition to the Christmas Tree Stroll. We’ve seen “living” statues, toy soldiers on stilts, rollerbladers in furry costumes, a country music duo, and a jazz saxophonist. Disney Springs is always entertaining!


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