Earn $50 in Gift Cards Each Month with Capterra

Easy extra money for sharing your opinion!

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for fun, easy ways to add a little extra money to your piggy bank each month. These sorts of funds usually go into my travel and gift budget, so I don’t necessarily rely on them, but it’s nice to be able to have a different way to pad those areas. Today, I’ll share with you how I’ve earned up to $50 in gift cards each month by writing simple reviews on Capterra.

What is Capterra?

Let’s start by taking a look at who Capterra is so we can understand how and why we are able to earn gift cards from them. Capterra is a free service that helps small to midsize businesses by providing meaningful software reviews. Think that you may have too little business software knowledge or experience? You’ll be pleasantly surprised! There are hundreds of online software services that you can review on Capterra, from PayPal to Google Docs. Pretty much everyone has used PayPal and/or Google Docs at some point, right? It goes much deeper than that with over 700 software categories. So, depending on your line of work and your hobbies, there are many opportunities for you to review software programs that you have interacted with in various areas of your professional and personal life. There’s even a section of church and religious software programs, so if you are involved with your church, there’s a good chance you’ll have another way to provide reviews on Capterra!

How does Capterra work?

Choose a software that you have personally used and start writing a review for it. You do actually need to have used the software and have some experience with it in order to provide a legitimate review, no fudging allowed! Reviews need to be well written and high quality. This doesn’t mean you need to be the next Hemingway, but you do need to offer several pros and cons about the programs you are reviewing. The more insight you can offer, the better. Think paragraphs, not just a one and done sentence. For each published review, you will receive a $5 gift card for up to 10 reviews per month. The word “published” here is key, as you won’t receive a gift card if your review isn’t published on Capterra’s site. After Capterra approves your review, they will send you an email notifying that it was accepted and details about the gift card process.

Why didn’t Capterra publish my review?

You spent some time crafting a review for Capterra only to be denied your gift card. That’s a bummer. No one wants to waste time and not be rewarded, but there are several reasons Capterra may decline to publish your review. Here’s a brief list of the most common reasons for rejection, but for full guidelines and details check out Capterra’s website.

Not being able to verify your identity. If Capterra is unable to successfully identify a reviewer, they will not provide payment in the form of a gift card. The easiest way for them to verify your identity is for you to log in with your LinkedIn account.

Plagiarism. This should go without saying, but you can’t copy someone else’s previous review and use it as your own. Not only is it unethical, it isn’t helpful for Capterra to publish redundant reviews that are carbon copies of each other. They want to hear your unique perspectives and experiences!

Fraud. No surprise here, this is a major reason for rejected reviews. There can be many forms of fraud varying from false reviews, paid reviews from a third party source, or a software competitor posting negative reviews to sway users towards their product. Capterra has a strict quality assurance program to avoid such situations and will remove previously published reviews if they are found to be questionable. Such situations will make it next to impossible for you to submit future reviews to Capterra, and understandably so.

Insufficient software experience. You actually have to be the user of the software program you are reviewing and not basing it upon a friend or family member’s experiences. Most often, Capterra can sift through reviews and spot the ones that don’t have enough detail or authentic information that you would gain through user experience. Also, if you did use the software and had a bad experience, be forthcoming and honest! Capterra will not deny payment or censor poorly reviewed programs since their goal is to provide accurate and helpful information.

Multiple reviews for the same product. You can’t submit five reviews for PayPal, for example. Capterra will limit you to one review per software product.

What Type of Payment is Offered?

Capterra offers a $5 reward for each published review in the form of a gift card of your choice. Current choices include Amazon, Apple, Visa, and Starbucks.

It really is an easy way to earn free gift cards! Once you submit your first review, you’ll get a feel for the process and it will get much easier from there. Wishing you good luck and happy reviewing on Capterra!

Questions or thoughts about Capterra? I’d love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog ❤️ If you found this helpful, please share on social media or subscribe (or both ☺️).


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  1. PeeWee says:

    Like this. Don’t know where you find all this stuff you write about.


    1. Haha, thanks! I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a ton of work from home and side hustle ideas! Much more to come… stay tuned!!


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