Transcription Jobs for Beginners

No Experience Necessary!

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Thinking about working from home as a transcriptionist but can’t get started due to lack of experience in the field? Below are 5 companies that are consistently hiring transcriptionists with no experience needed. Other than a computer and headphones/earbuds, you don’t need any special equipment, such as a foot pedal. Fast typing speed and accuracy are the top skills needed. Still wondering if this this line of work is a good fit for you? Check out Transcribe Anywhere’s FREE course here to learn valuable info about starting your new transcription career.

Since all of these companies consider you an independent contractor, you aren’t bound to a set schedule and can pick when and how often you work. Availability of work can vary, especially around holidays and weekends, but there are usually a good amount of projects available. Most of these companies pay via PayPal and some also hire outside the US.

Rev is great for beginners since they offer free training to get you started. In addition to transcription, Rev is also looking for captioning and translating foreign subtitles (and they will pay more for your bilingual skills!). As with any transcription work, accuracy and speed are important, but consistent, quality work will move you up in the ranks with Rev. There are three different tiers that offer higher pay opportunities and can help you qualify as a auditor to score and offer feedback for other transcriptionists’ work. Pay rates vary per project and pay is sent to you weekly via PayPal.


The signup process for Scribie is super easy and will only take you a minute. After passing their test and certifying as a transcriber, you’ll be ready to start transcribing. Pay rates vary anywhere from $5 to $25 per audio hour (please note that this is per audio hour of work, not an hourly wage rate). Much like Rev, you can transcribe as many (or as few) jobs as you like since there isn’t a minimum requirement to maintain. They’ll you daily via PayPal and offer you a $5 bonus for every 3 hours of transcription completed.


Appen hires transcriptionists, as well as website and social media evaluators. No experience is needed here, but if you are bilingual, this will be a great asset to you getting chosen for their transcription projects. If you are contracted to perform transcription for Appen, you’ll need to transcribe a certain number of hours per week for them (usually 10 hours per week). Payout available to you via Payoneer.


Another flexible options for beginners is CastingWords. They typically offer longer deadlines for you to complete a project and there’s usually ample work available. More difficult audio projects will have higher pay rates (similar to Rev). They higher paying, more challenging files will get easier as you gain more experience. CastingWords is currently offering weekly pay.


Great for beginners looking for flexibility, TranscribeMe offers shorter audio files to transcribe and pays via PayPal. No minimum amount of work requirements per week, but they don’t always have a ton of assignments available.

Bonus company: Amazon mTurk

If you aren’t familiar with Amazon mTurk, it’s essentially “crowdsourced” tasks posted by various businesses. Some tasks may be surveys and research polls, other may be data entry. There are some fairly short audio files to be transcribed on mTurk, but their availability varies. You can cash out to your bank account or as a credit on your Amazon account. Not a bad way to gain experience as a beginner, plus it’s super flexible.

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know if you’ve transcribed for any of these companies! Coming soon: Higher paying transcription opportunities after you get some experience under your belt.
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